Break Free from the Cycle of Dieting &
Emotional Eating, Start Living Instead.
Break Free from the Cycle of Dieting & Emotional Eating, Start Living Instead.
How would you like to absolutely, insanely, permanently fall in love with what you see in the mirror – a beautiful, #prettyawkward, and charismatic YOU?
And no, you don’t need to kill yourself in the gym, go on a sugar detox or follow a quick fix to do that
(Fix what? You’re not broken. You’re human – made of stardust and all).
When was the last time you promised yourself to bring about a positive, healthy and permanent change in your life – while shedding off those stubborn extra pounds you’ve been carrying with you?

MAYBE it was before a funtabulous family vacation that you had been planning for months…

MAYBE it was right after you saw yourself in a family photo or a personal development book that got you all fired up…

OR MAYBE, it’s been nagging you for a while now and you go to bed every night promising yourself... tomorrow is the day I get started!
“Tomorrow is the day I'll stay away from everything unhealthy (from my sugar-filled coffee from Starbucks to the cookies from work)."

"Tomorrow I won't have any late night cravings and go crazy, bingeing on whatever I can get my hands on."

"Tomorrow is the day I’ll start working out and keep my calories in check…"

"Tomorrow will be the first day to a fit, healthy and confident me…”
  •  Starve yourself to death (aka go on a crash diet) and lose some weight, but gain it back twice as fast… (Not again!)
  •  Kill yourself in the gym or follow that brand new workout trend until you fall off the wagon and end up in the exact same place… (Freakin’ exhausting)
  •  Spend every waking second counting your calories and being conscious about what you eat, till you finally give in to your sugar cravings and your overall obsession with food… (#smacksfaceemoji)
It’s frustrating as heck and NOT a way of living.

Here’s the good news though.

You’re not alone in this repetitive war of fad diets, exhausting workout plans, and pound-racking emotional eating.
We’ve all been there.

I know what it’s like to continually start and stop new diets, missing out on LIFE because of your insecurity with your body, OR stress-eating when things get tough.
Life exists beyond the fear of failing another diet, hating your body and feeling deprived all the freakin’ time.

You’re scared you won’t lose weight? 
See Molly’s results and what she had to say:
Molly lost 12 lbs during the program!

I thank you SO SO much for creating this course. Seriously nothing was working. My son is 18 months, and I lost the 30 lbs immediately but then NOTHING happened. I seriously tried everything and it was just amazing that I was able to come across you and find this amazing course. I thank you so much everyday because this is the drive to keep me going and you’ve definitely given me the tools I need to make this permanent and keep making changes.
  •    If you could be consistent, lose weight and keep it off, not by following a crash diet or a deadly workout plan, but by developing small yet powerful habits.
  •   Buying new clothes without having to worry about your fluctuating size, because you know what your “happy weight” is and you’re able to maintain it month-after-month.  
  •   Looking at a project or a problem and mentally knowing that you can tackle it just the way it should be (instead of hiding under blankets and stress eating). 
  •   Wearing anything that your heart desires and not having to stress over how you’re going to look, because everything in your wardrobe fits you perfectly!
  •  Waking up every morning, feeling in control, confident and excited about the day ahead. A day where scales won’t mock you anymore when you step on them (I dreaded such moments too, TA-RUST ME!).
  •   Having fun with your kids as you’re agile enough to climb up the slide and run after them without feeling insecure.
  •   Rocking that bikini to the beach and feeling amazingly confident and sexy AF, instead of feeling insecure or drowning in self-judgment. 
  •  Enjoying heart-melting time (and delicious meals) with your loved ones because your relationship with food is at peace, you’re not worried about gorging on food in the heat of the moment.
Stop missing out on life and finally feel at
ease with your body, 
your food and yourself.
The only health program that’s focused on helping you stop obsessing over food, eat according to your body’s needs, and not just lose weight but keep it off month-after-month in the most fun way possible!

Based on my 4-Step Habit Hacking Formula , this 6-week program includes everything you need to go from being exhausted, frustrated, and obsessed with food to feeling in control, confident and comfortable in your own skin.
Ditch the Diet: Habit Hacking Your Mind & Body is all about helping you:

What’s been holding you back from having the body, health & life you so badly desire.

Which limiting beliefs, lifestyle choices and foods are slowing you down, and what to do about them.

Your HABITS and MINDSET around food and fitness, and not just rely on pure motivation (which by the way hasn't worked for you in the past).
By the end of our 8 weeks together, you won’t only develop healthy habits but really learn how to make these habits STICK (aka make it your lifestyle), so that you can FINALLY find a way of eating that helps you lose weight, actually keep it OFF, and most importantly...HAVE FUN WHILE DOING IT. 

(Cuz Life's WAYYY too short to be so serious)
Finally, an all-inclusive program that helps:
  •  Even if…you’ve started and lost track on diets more times than you can possibly count.
  •  Even’ve tried the LEADING weight-loss & fitness programs and have experienced more disappointment than results.
  •  Even're tired of falling off the wagon, don't know what to do, and feel like you can never lose weight – without losing yourself in the process.
And most of all! If you’re SERIOUSLY ready to create long-term, sustainable changes in your lifestyle, have unshakable confidence and feel freakin’ beautiful all the freakin’ time.
  •  The Official Ditch The Diet: Habit Hacking Your Mind and Body Training Modules (Videos + PDFs).
  •   Video Lessons that will help you free yourself from the destructive cycle of dieting and bingeing FOR GOOD.
  • Access to all Ditch The Diet: Habit Hacking Your Mind and Body materials for life.
  •  Recorded videos of the bonuses offered by experts.
Price Goes Up When The Timer Hits Zero!
"I was never a person who worried about what I ate or my weight. I was naturally petite. Then my late 20s rolled around, my father got diagnosed with terminal cancer and I spent almost 2 years in and out of hospitals eating whatever I could that was fast and the weight piled on from there. I became the queen of the yo-yo diet and cleanse teas. They would work I would drop 10 lbs quick but always put the weight right back on. When my father passed away food was my comfort and more weight got added onto my 5 foot frame. I felt horrible all the time. I felt uncomfortable in my skin, which I never had before. I felt sick all the time and my relationship suffered because I was unhappy with myself. I have known Megan since elementary school.
One day I had enough of feeling trapped in my own body. I reached out to her, started working out and eating healthy in January of 2017 and since then I have lost around 25 lbs and dropped 2 sizes. I am stronger than I have ever been both physically and mentally. I have been able to change not only my outward appearance but how I feel on the inside through the mindset and nutrition and of course working out super hard. My confidence is better than ever, my relationship is better than ever (actually got engaged in November!) and my life is all around better. The nutrition, mindset and working out are just part of who Lauren is now. "
"Megan found me just at the perfect time of my life. It was February/March 2017 when we met, and I was about a month into my personal journey into fitness. Immediately she asked me what my goals were and I told her that my overall goal was to lose 100 pounds. When I first started this whole process and told people I wanted to lose 100 pounds they would laugh at me and tell me that it's a lot harder than it looks, but Megan never had any doubts of me. She never told me that it would be too hard, she always told me that she believed in me and that she knew I can do it.

I look back and when I first Met Megan and I sometimes laugh, because I was such a tough nut to crack. What drew me to finally give in to this and what continues to further motivate me to the current day is how flexible she is. She never pushes me to be strict to a certain type of program or to only do exactly what she does. She really always pushes me to be the best person I can be mentally and physically and always pushes me to do what works for me. Since starting my journey in February 2017, I've lost 65 pounds and I'm only 35 pounds away from my overall goal of losing 100. I can honestly say if it weren't for Megan, I think I would've quit. Because the reality of it is, it's not easy, there's no quick fix, and you have to do the work.

Since starting my fitness journey, Megan has always been there to check on me. She's always encouraging me to do more to feel happier and healthier. I can't wait to lose these 35 more pounds and become a part of the group of challengers she has helped to lose 100 pounds. I am so beyond thankful to have met this girl who has guided me through the biggest challenge of my life. Whenever I count my blessings, I count Megan twice."
Stephanie Guadagno
See What Our Past Ditch the Diet Group Coaching Members Had to Say...
Shiane (Beta Ditch the Dieter Group Coaching Member):
I can control my food intake so much more. I can actually have a few bites of a pint of ice-cream and put it back in the freezer. I never was able to do that...I'd always eat the whole point!
Christine (Beta Ditch the Dieter Group Coaching Member):
I now deal with negative things/stress SO much better. I don't go down that negative spiral like I used to or resort to emotionally eating when I'm stressed. 

Dara (Beta Ditch the Dieter Group Coaching Member):
This course really made me recognize my limiting beliefs--all the things I used to say to myself that wasn't REAL.  I'm SO much kinder to myself and I've also had no binge episodes since starting!

Following every other diet on this planet and changing meal plans isn’t going to take you anywhere. You NEED to listen to YOUR body and determine what it needs and when. Learn to eat the right amount of food for YOUR body. 
Just touching the surface won’t do you any good. You’ve GOT to dig deeper and do the internal mindset work to figure out your behavior around food and the root cause, so you can work through it to create lasting lifestyle changes.
Motivation alone can’t make you fit, confident or charismatic.
You HAVE to get out of this motivation mentality and implement a sustainable system for creating and sticking to powerful habits. 

There is an unspoken, hidden piece to staying consistently fit, vibrantly healthy and losing weight...

A select few make it their BIGGEST weapon, so they keep winning while everyone else — even smart, committed people like you— get stuck and don't even know why.

It took me years of work, research, implementation and sheer trial-and-error to discover the secret that separate winners from everyone else. The thing that gives winners the rare edge we all crave.

They set their mind to something and simply do it. No exceptions.

And the good news? This thing can be taught, practiced, and perfected.

But how come nobody talks about this?

The short answer is: It doesn’t sell.

The vast majority of people are looking for “tactics”, “short-cuts”, “weight loss gimmicks” and “quick fixes.”

There’s still hope though.

A small group of people don’t want to focus on tactics. They know that hacks and quick fixes won't solve their problems. They’re looking for a sustainable way of losing weight and staying healthy.

Maybe you’re one of them. If so, keep reading…
So what’s the secret “missing” piece, you ask?


Now it may sound a bit boring (trust me, it isn’t), but hear me out.

Have you ever wondered why you keep falling off the wagon or resort to bingeing or crash dieting time and again?

Because your MIND doesn’t know otherwise, and your BODY complies. That’s why.

What if you always knew how to respond to a triggering situation without emotional eating and feeling like CRAP afterwards?

THIS way, there’s no falling off the wagon. You become mentally and emotionally strong, and confident enough to make intelligent choices and follow through with your plans.

Winners do it. Now you can too.
To the one who’s committed to transforming their mind, body and life
Do you know why you’ve been struggling to lose weight and stay upbeat & healthy?

The problem isn’t with you, your commitment level or your ability to endure (Hell! You’ve been through storms and made it across). 

The challenge in your life right now is ditching the diet mentality and finding a way of health that becomes a regular LIFESTYLE for you, so you don’t have to rely on motivation, hyped claims or quick fixes to BE, LOOK AND FEEL your absolute best. 
Nice to meet ya!
I am on a MISSION to help women make fitness and health FUN again and find a LONG-TERM, MAINTAINABLE way of eating that doesn't leave you deprived, hungry, or feeling restricted.

But more importantly, I'm excited to help you get there by truly getting to the ROOT of what's caused you to gain weight or not being able to keep it off when you DO lose it.

We'll do this by changing your habits, so that when motivation goes out of the window (cuz GIRL, motivation DOES NOT LAST), you'll still be able to stay on track and not fall off the wagon.

But changing our habits can be really, REALLY hard, awkward and UNCOMFORTABLE.

And we?

We are TERRIFIED of being uncomfortable, which is why so many of us get STUCK in this yo-yo dieting cycle--because it's FAMILIAR. I'm here to help you embrace that awkward, and give you the step-by-step tools to make you feel empowered to lose the weight for good and keep it off.
"There’s always a bit of awkward on the way to making things pretty – whether it’s a business or a booty."
But why should you trust me to be the expert on this subject?
Straight to the point answer?

Because I’ve been where you are right now.

I understand how it feels as I used to be a classic “yo-yo dieter” and had an all or nothing mentality when it came to food and fitness.

Like you, I was frustrated because I was ALWAYS falling off the bandwagon on the weekends. I took everything SO seriously, and always felt like such a failure when it came to dieting, because I could never stick to anything long-term and felt like I was STUCK in a restrict or binge cycle forever.

Nobody should have to experience that.

Little did I know it wasn't really the diet, but my mindset going into it (although there were a few REALLY BAD diets in there too...#lemoncayannepepperjuicecleanseanyone?)

In 2016, I incorporated flexible dieting and intermittent fasting into my life and it truly helped me find that “balance” we all strive for and fit in “fun foods” while still reaching my fitness goals.

Meanwhile, I also started studying the science behind habits and how I could change my mindset around food and stay consistent LONG-TERM once and for all.

Since then, I've helped thousands of women lose weight (a few over 90lbs), by focusing on specific habit hacking techniques and by applying mindset development tools. AND they've done it all while having FUN.

I was a 2X Elite Top 200 Coach with Beachbody, and for the past year have worked closely with social media influencer, Amanda Bucci, coaching her Influencer Academy students on how to be successful and thriving online coaches.
It’s time to stop struggling with food and start living deliciously.
  •  The Official Ditch The Diet: Habit Hacking Your Mind and Body Training Modules (Videos + PDFs).
  •   Video Lessons that will help you free yourself from the destructive cycle of dieting and bingeing FOR GOOD.
  • Access to all Ditch The Diet: Habit Hacking Your Mind and Body materials for life.
  •  Recorded videos of the bonuses offered by experts.
Price Goes Up When The Timer Hits Zero!
Body Recomposition & FREE Booty Workout Guide by
 Eve Guzman
Nutritionist and “Half Her Size” Fitness Coach, Eve Guzman will share how she overcame mindset blocks to losing 150 lbs naturally and uses macro counting to have a body she loves while keeping the pounds off year after year. She’ll share what YOU can do following the 80:20 rule with macros to have food freedom and a life without restriction. She’s also throwing in her Booty Workout guide FOR FREE! 

Personal Trainer, Health and Fitness Coach, Tanner Hobbs will share how she’s learned to be healthy and comfortable in her body throughout all the seasons of her life. She’ll share her different experiences with tracking macros, intuitive eating, and how you can apply those principles to your lifestyle when you’re going through different seasons of your life.

Healthy in ALL Seasons by
 Tanner Hobbs
How to Stay Healthy While Traveling by
Kathie Anderson
Personal trainer, Health and Fitness Coach, Kathie Anderson has lost 100 lbs, 40 of those being while she was traveling! She’s going to share applicable tips on how you can stay healthy and prioritize your weight loss while traveling and STILL HAVE FUN!
ALL of the Group Coaching Members Get These Instant Access Bonuses 
In addition to the regular Ditch the Diet Modules, you’ll receive three value-packed workshops!
How to be Keto-Ish with
Rachel shares her step-by-step secrets to living a “keto-ish” lifestyle successfully. What is Keto? Why she chose it? And how it has become an integral part of her health & fitness plan! Rachel’s approach to the “keto” lifestyle is fun, flexible and super maintainable.
Liz shares her background of plant-based eating and the benefits as well as her top tips to getting started with it. She also gives her no-brainer methodology on how to ease into it to make it a maintainable LIFESTYLE instead of a quick fix.
Vegan Starter Tips from Registered Dietitian
Meal Prepping  Masterclass with
Health & Fitness Coach, Christina Sullivan, shares her top 5 tips on Meal Prepping and how she plans out her weeks worth of food according to her macros; explaining the thought process to make it SO easy for you to duplicate for YOUR life and family. She shares how easy it is to meal prep, and why this can be a game changer in keeping you on track with your macros and meal plan for the week. She also includes her meal prep ebook FOR FREE!
What we’ll cover in our 8 weeks together...
Ditch the Diet starts off by helping you setting the right intention as to why you want to lose weight and to what end. This goes beyond the physical aspect and taps directly into your inner desires, dreams and challenges. So, as you go through the program, you’re laser focused, grounded and motivated.
Keeping my habit hacking formula in mind, in this module we’ll do the deep mindset work (get ready to be WOWed) to find any and all self-imposed limitations clogging your thoughts, confidence and health, and shatter them one by one. This will help you develop a strong mindset, refocus on what’s important and take action with utmost dedication.
You don’t lose weight by focusing on the big number you want to lose, but by focusing on the small habits you have to create and those you have to un-create. Through my proven step-by-step formula, you’ll learn how you can create, integrate and maintain healthy habits within your lifestyle, so there’s no falling off the wagon, instead it’s a recurring process of constant improvement.
Learn the 7 most effective habits to include in your lifestyle and how to ensure you follow through with them day-in and day-out. These will redefine how you look at your day, challenge you to up level and help you turn into a better version of yourself.

Whether you’re over the moon happy or overwhelmingly depressed, through my seamless coping mechanisms we’re going to ensure that you don’t respond to a negative situation by breaking into the fridge…only to feel guilty and uncomfortable later on. This includes my personal & proven tips to reduce stress eating, responding to fear, getting rid of “all or nothing” behavior, boredom eating and so much more.
Knowing what to do and when to do things make ALL the difference in the world. In this module, we’ll unravel your schedule, responsibilities and priorities one-by-one and then create a clear and fun schedule for you that’s optimized for efficiency, better health and awe-inspiring fitness.

Learn the one wildly known but not-so-properly used technique that has helped me shed pounds faster than anything. To this day, it keeps me on track and helps me stay light, energized and on top of my game. Yes! We’re talking about Intermittent Fasting. You’ll get an insider’s peek at how you can create different eating schedules and make the most of this.
What, Why, When, Where – Learn how MACROS can be a gamechanger (or shall I say game winner) in a healthy lifestyle. In this module, you’ll learn exactly what exactly Macros are, how to find your starting macros and how to track them (whether you’re eating at home or in a restaurant). I’ll also share with you my tips for when you’re either OUT of a macro or you need to adjust it.
In this bonus module, I’m going to share with you some amazing tips & tools on structuring your success week, how to save for meals, mindset when eating out/on vacations, list of healthy foods, meal planners and much more! 

  •  The Official Ditch The Diet: Habit Hacking Your Mind and Body Training Modules (Videos + PDFs).
  •   Video Lessons that will help you free yourself from the destructive cycle of dieting and bingeing FOR GOOD.
  • Access to all Ditch The Diet: Habit Hacking Your Mind and Body materials for life.
  •  Recorded videos of the bonuses offered by experts.
Price Goes Up When The Timer Hits Zero!
Jess Loveless
"When I met Megan I was depressed, lost, defeated, 100 lbs overweight, and truly didn't feel like I wanted to live. Being a part of this team and Megan's groups has changed my life more than I could ever imagine. I am a completely different person inside and out in just over a year! I have lost 90 lbs and gained strength, confidence, happiness, amazing relationships, and so many reason to live! I cannot imagine going back to my old life now, forever grateful for Megan and all I have learned from her and participating in these groups."
"I am so proud of myself for making time to work out and of course the progress is amazing to finally see, but my BELIEF in myself is crazy! In the past, I have worked out and ate healthy but got frustrated because there were barely any changes. I wish my mental state was as visible as my body change because that is .. I have no words. I seriously owe you my LIFE! Last year and beyond, 

I was so depressed and anxious and self conscious and had a million negative thoughts in my head. Now I finally understand that slow and steady is the way to go and I can only be happy and thankful as I continue my journey. I know I'm not there yet, but I know I will get there. My gratitude for you goes wayy beyond my fitness/weight loss. My mental health was the biggest obstacle to overcome. I am a zillion times healthier mentally now because of you. "
Ditch the Diet: Habit Hacking Your Mind and Body is a self-paced course, laid out for a 6 week completion rate (although you CAN complete it quicker, which is totally up to you!). You have the flexibility to go through the program at your own pace.

However, if you need personalized support, attention and guidance, you have an option to upgrade for the 8-week group coaching version, which comes with LIVE expert classes and built-in accountability.

Why is this for you? Because you’re sick and tired of struggling to stay on track, stay motivated and navigating the confusing world of dieting!

By the end of the course (well really, after the first two modules), you’ll have the habit hacking tools, knowledge, and the support to finally have freedom from food and dieting–and you’ll probably be down a size or two!
  •   Unshakable CONFIDENCE to follow your dreams, work on the projects that you’ve been putting on the backburner and having the energy to successfully complete them.
  •   Feeling at PEACE with food, yourself and the world around you, because you know what you need to eat and when.  
  •   Proven TOOLS and STRATEGIES to help you deal with your triggers and cravings, and stay grounded and composed.  
  •   LOSING WEIGHT as a result of developing a strong mindset and making healthy choices a lifestyle, not another thing on your to-do list.  
  •   Feeling fully ALIVE and determined to treat yourself with the love and care you deserve, instead of falling prey to the cycle of self-loathing, self-judgment and low self-esteem. 
Ready to finally ditch the diet & emotional eating drama and feel more at peace with food, your body, and yourself?
P.S. Food obsession, sugar cravings, emotional eating, crash dieting… I know these struggles far too well, from both a personal and professional standpoint. I know how painful it can be to desire a different reality for yourself and not being able to achieve it – DESPITE all your efforts. You may even already be on the verge of throwing in the towel and quit - and that’s a totally normal reaction!

But I won’t let you. I am here to offer the support and accountability you really need through your journey to a healthy mind, body and lifestyle. You have it in you to heal your relationship with food and truly excel in life and I can’t wait to see it happen!
Is this program a good fit for me?
This program is designed to help busy and overwhelmed women improve their quality of life, gain confidence and live life to its fullest. 

My goal (through this program) is to help you ditch the negative beliefs, learn to eat according to what your body needs, and live without having to count the number of days when you’d be allowed to eat your favorite junk food. If you’re committed to make HEALTH a habit, NOT just a goal, you’re in the right place! 
• • • • • • • • • • • • 
Is there any money back guarantee?
This program is only for seriously committed women who are ready to stop wasting time and start a new chapter in their life.

However, if you feel that you didn’t get any value out of this program, show me the proof that you’ve followed what I teach, You can request a refund within 6 weeks of your purchase.
• • • • • • • • • • • • 
Does this include 1-on-1 support from Megan?
Ditch the Diet: Habit Hacking Your Mind & Body Self-Paced Course does not include any 1-on-1 support.

However, the VIP Group Coaching version has limited 1-on-1 support in the form of Bi-Monthly Live Group Calls, and daily access to me via Facebook Community.

If you’re looking to work with Megan in the private (1-on-1) capacity with her undivided attention, you might wanna check out Meg's Health & Life Coaching One on One Program.
• • • • • • • • • • • • 
Who is this program best suited for?
This is an excellent question, Ditch the diet is best suited for:

  •   Female Entrepreneurs
  •   Busy women working a hectic job
  •   Stay-at-home moms
  •   Or any female who is looking to feel confident, in-control and fit!

Our bi-monthly group calls give you the unique opportunity to get your questions answered and I’ll do my best to help you adapt to your own unique circumstances.
• • • • • • • • • • • • 
What happens after I make the payment?
You'll receive an email with your personal link to the course. If you signed up for the VIP Group Coaching, you'll also receive the link to the Facebook Group.
If you have any other questions about Ditch the Diet: Habit Hacking Your Mind & Body, please email me at
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